Review Guidelines

Whenever I purchase items, whether online or in a brick and mortar store, I always check the reviews and ratings. Although, I'm not usually swayed by the rating, the reviews are something I really value. It is in the review where I can gauge if the product is worth buying or if it will suffice my requirement. So that's why, I started rating and reviewing products as well. Sort of paying forward for all the help I got whenever I purchase. 

I understand we all have biases and preferences. That's why all the things you will read here are my most honest opinion. It's not about giving expert review but about how my experience when I used/consumed the product. Hoping that it will give you the feel and understanding of the product. Regardless if the items are in exchange of discounts or items I bought in full price, I will be honest about it. Please see my Terms & Conditions Page for more explanation.


I'll be upfront with you that ratings is just one of the things you should consider when looking for reviews. It's really hard to quantify scoring as objective and fair as possible since a lot of products varies a lot. So there might be time that it will vary, however, I try to be as consistent as possible.

My Rating score is from 1 to 5 Carts, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest with 1/4 points interval. For items to be consumed (e.g. Food, toiletries, etc), I have 3 key considerations: Quality, Cost & Effectiveness (i.e. works or taste as advertised). As for items to be used (e.g. Gadgets, furniture, etc),  I have 4 key considerations: Functionality, Cost, Quality, and Effectiveness.

4-5 points = It scored high in all of my key considerations
3 points = Median score, still worth it. Nothing special but not bad at all
1 points = Fails in most if not all my consideration.
0 points = product is not worth it and no redeeming value


Every time I review an item, I make sure I read the product information to know the limitations and uses. So I can review the product accordingly. I make sure to throughly use/consume the product as directed and in a considerable amount of time.  All my reviews are based on my experience when I used/consumed the products. I will not pretend to be an expert on things I'm not but I will provide the most honest experience on my reviews. 


I will only recommend based on 2 things: The items is worth the price and the item is something I personally use or consume. There are items that I wont personally use and/or buy but I might see some worth for somebody else. In that case, I will provide a caveat before recommending it.